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Our vehicles are not plated to be on the road, except under the scope of a closed filming set.   Vehicle(s) and/or equipment must be stored in a secure location at all times.  Transport to & from location, and location to location can be quoted on request. All vehicles will be inspected to include rear brakes, emergency brakes, and tires upon return.  All equipment will be inspected upon return, and should remain in condition similar to condition upon pickup.  Orders to be paid in full prior to delivery, or will be subject to a 1% service charge per month.  Please note, prices do not include delivery/transportation fees unless noted.  All insurance, fuel, and maintenance costs are renter's responsibility, and a signed lease contract will be required.

We do require a 50% deposit to secure order.  The remainder will be due 5 days prior to vehicle(s) leaving our lot for filming.  Unless order is secured, we cannot guarantee the vehicle(s) will be available.

Credit card orders will be subject to a 3.2% processing fee, plus $0.25 per transaction.

**All rentals involved in stuntwork MUST be approved in writing by Veto Viewpoint, Inc. prior to commencement of rental.**


**All rentals require a copy of your filming permit(s), permission from the local police agency to use a police vehicle, and permission to use CAPS logos if applicable.  Lease does NOT permit illegal usage of police vehicle and/or lights while under contract.**

---------Certain shoot locations may require an employee to accompany vehicle(s), and as such, would require additional labor fees. -----------

---------Certain rentals may require color copy of any licensed driver(s) that may be operating special equipment. -----------

The equipment is on a first come first serve basis.  Appropriate sales tax will be collected.  In order for exempt agencies to claim exemption, we must have a W-9 on file prior to the transaction.  Return checks subject to $25.00 handling charge.  Inquiries about above terms call (815) 895-9755 or E-Mail:

Veto Viewpoint does not use any identifying information collected via our website.


Production Information Sheet


Rental Agreement


Services Agreement

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